CAM Galería

CAM Galería is a multidisciplinary exhibition space founded in 2018 by Daniela Carrasco, Sofia Creel, and Diego García. The gallery represents Spanish-speaking artists and aims to create and develop plastic art. It strives to promote collecting in Mexico and worldwide, support new proposals nationally and internationally, and become a benchmark for dialogue and discussion about contemporary art.

The gallery places great importance on aesthetics and stylistic diversity, incorporating artists who use painting, sculpture, photography, electronics, engraving, ceramics, and textiles. It houses a group of mid-sized and emerging artists dedicated to achieving its goals.

CAM Galería’s commitment to promoting the arts in Mexico is highly commendable. It has established itself as a hub of creativity and provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and share their ideas with a wider audience. Its dedication to promoting art in all its forms, coupled with its commitment to supporting emerging artists, makes it an essential player in Mexico’s art scene.

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