The Ohio Art Center

Ohio Art Center School Vision
Our vision is to act as an inclusive community of artists and educators, whose vision is to benefit our Ohio, national, and international communities, by providing technical and conceptual foundations in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

Ohio Art Center School Mission Statement
At the Ohio Art Center, we train our students how to see and construct two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Our students come away with feeling inspired and motivated. We offer many classes, workshops, and exhibitions that bring our local, national, and international communities together. With our traditional and perceptual-based approach to the arts, our students are able to explore and grow and learn from faculty and from their peers alike – all while making working that is individual and pertinent.

Our Values
At the Ohio Art Center, we value and care for our community of artists. We want to deliver the best technical and conceptual instruction that is available. We train students at all levels, from beginners to the most advanced students. Our students come first, with their artistic, education, vision, creative process and their pursuit of an art education. As an art institution of instructors, it is our job to nurture and cultivate our students’ growth.

Teaching Approach
Our methodology at the Ohio Art Center is based on a strong fine arts tradition. With rigorous instruction and a well-balanced curriculum – featuring working from life, reference photography, spatial concepts and approaches, perceptible language and art history – we at the Ohio Art Center encourage our artists to use skills and tools necessary to make vital contemporary work.

Our faculty strengthens the school’s methodology in every course. Combined with group and personal instruction, our instructors provide in-class and pre-recorded demonstration, illustrating concepts and giving group and individual critiques. These critiques are used to advance the student’s idea of composition, formal elements of art-making, concepts and pictorial language. Ohio Art Center faculty are all practicing artists who exhibit their work consistently and hold excellent credentials. At the Ohio Art Center, we offer a 10-week term, and throughout the year offer intensive courses, workshops and online classes of various lengths and at different times.

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