Terreno Baldío Arte

Terreno Baldío Arte is an art gallery and project workshop located in Mexico City, specifically in the Roma neighborhood. It was opened to the public in December 2005 with a focus on traditional craft and the promotion of various artists’ works. The gallery collaborates with artists to exhibit their work in museums, institutions, public spaces, and art fairs. Over the years, Terreno Baldío Arte has engaged in numerous projects and temporary exhibitions, including collaborations with designers, artists, theater companies, musicians, and perfumers

As a prominent member of the artistic community in Colonia Roma, the gallery actively participates in the annual Gallery Weekend and has a strong presence in promoting art and cultural experiences in Mexico City. Additionally, the gallery has a publishing arm that has released 22 titles, documenting creative processes and producing art books. Terreno Baldío Arte also manages exhibitions on the screens of Plaza Luis Cabrera, focusing on themes that enhance citizens’ experiences in public spaces.

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