Almanaque Fotográfica

Established in 2016, Almanaque Fotográfica has swiftly become a cornerstone of Rome’s photographic landscape. Founded by Arturo Delgado, a cultural diplomat and devoted art enthusiast, in collaboration with Corinna Koch, an acclaimed art curator and photography expert, the gallery stands as a testament to their shared commitment to showcasing the dynamic spectrum of contemporary photography.

With a keen eye for emerging talents and a reverence for established artists, Almanaque Fotográfica curates a diverse selection of limited edition photographic works. Artists like Tania Franco Klein, Pablo Ortíz Monasterio, and Konstantin Grebnev have graced the gallery’s walls since its inception, captivating audiences with their innovative visions.

Venturing beyond geographical boundaries, Almanaque Fotográfica actively participates in prestigious international art fairs including Photo London, SCOPE Miami/New York, and Photo LA Collect + Connect, amplifying its reach and influence across the global art community.

At the heart of Almanaque Fotográfica lies a private exhibition space, meticulously curated to offer visitors an immersive experience into the world of contemporary photography. Delgado’s discerning eye ensures each artwork is presented with utmost care, inviting viewers to engage with the stories behind the lens. Private viewings can be easily arranged via email or chat, allowing for a personalized exploration of the gallery’s captivating collection.

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