Orchestrating Color: Landscapes and Seascapes (Online Workshop) Fall 2024 w/ Rose Irelan


September 5 to September 19 (Thursdays), 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Eastern Time

**All sessions are live and will be recorded, students do not have to be present. All recordings will be available to students for 3 months after the final session, after 3 months the recording will be deleted.

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Workshop Description

This course will explore how to orchestrate and design with various color palettes to give the painter the tools to inform their work with a deeper understanding of color and to empower their painting practice with more intentional color choices. Designed to demystify color theory, the artist will gain insight into how color can be used more thoughtfully to explore and find the poetry of painting in your painting practice.

Some key fundamentals we will cover in this 3 week workshop.

  • 3 lessons with 3 different color plans
  • Practical and pragmatic approach to color mixing that works
  • How to achieve color harmony
  • Creating luminous color
  • How to “Key” a painting to a value family for a particular “feel”
  • Setting up your painting with a simplified value scheme and sticking to that when mixing your colors
  • “Relative color” and how to use it to make warm and cool harmonies for interest
  • Bringing Unity + Variety to your painting
  • Paint pigment properties and why and when to use certain pigments over others for achieving subtle or more bravado color combination

Workshop Outline

Week 1 –

Introduction to Color Theory and how we will be using various “color” sets for each lesson. We will explore some historical works and analyze those works to better understand how these artists have solved their paintings with practical solutions. I will conduct a case study on a couple of my paintings to share how and why I use specific palettes to take my plein air paintings to studio work.

  • Demo on how to set up a complimentary  “Color Board” 
  • Painting demo on color set applied to a study
  • Questions and answers on assignment

Week 2 –

Analyze Master paintings for the next color set. Discussion on understanding the properties of your tools, that is the pigments we use. When and why to use transparent and opaque pigments, when and why we use warm/cool temperatures or transparencies of the same color. Demystify color theory and define color harmony.

Week 3 –

Further exploration of how to orchestrate color for a certain emotive or poetic quality through examples of master paintings. Questions and answers on procedure, palette management or challenges and observations from students from the previous lessons. 

  • Feedback on student work
  • Demo on how to set up third color board arrangement TBD 
  • Painting demo on color set applied to a study
  • Questions and answers on assignment 

Event Details
Event Details