Memories of a Landscape (Online Course) Fall 2024 w/ Maria Michurina


September 20 to October 11 (Fridays), 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM, Eastern Time

**All sessions are live and will be recorded, students do not have to be present. All recordings will be available to students for 3 months after the final session, after 3 months the recording will be deleted.

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Course Description

We will only do exciting things in this course: Drawing shapes we observe and enjoy, making paper cuts and playing with these shapes, and painting with the most exciting colors.

We will work from observation, from memory, and we will do some studies of our favorite painters to discover what excited them when they were painting.

Each week we will look at some slides, work together, and discuss the homework and your questions.

I will only share what I do myself in my daily practice in this course. My approach to painting is derived from collage practice. So, the course will include collage.

Course Outline

Week 1

Drawing with no fear.

Discovering and enjoying Color

Week 2

Drawing after masters.

Collaging after our drawings.

Week 3

Painting after masters.

Painting after our drawings.

Week 4

Looking at our works together.

Working on a longer painting.

Event Details
Event Details