Figurative Fundamentals (Online Workshop) Fall 2024 w/ Robert Lemler


November 4 to November 18 (Mondays), 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Eastern Time

**All sessions are live and will be recorded, students do not have to be present. All recordings will be available to students for 3 months after the final session, after 3 months the recording will be deleted.

Please check your email spam/junk folder for your Zoom invite.

Workshop Description

This three week painting class will offer the student fundamental understanding of the interrelated and interdependent topics of study for the figurative artist . Through lecture and demonstration, I will share my understanding of the topics of shape, value, edges, color, paint manipulation, and design. We will discuss the characteristics of our light source, (strength, direction, and color) and how those characteristic components affect our interpretation. I will also share simplified concepts of anatomy and pictorial design which will strengthen one’s understanding of those topics. Our figurative studies will be of a simplified character with an emphasis on proportion and value relationships.

Much of my work, has been painted directly from life, usually in a single session . The class demonstrations will be of this simplified character, directly painted .

Workshop Outline

Week 1 – Introductions / Q&A, Stuff You Should Know

a: Tools and materials

b: Simplified anatomy

c: Values

d: Edges

e: Color

Week 2- Recap Day One / Q&A, Simplified Figure Studies

I will paint two or more simplified figure studies from photo references while explaining the procedure and answering any questions from students.

a: Study #1, standing figure

b: Study #2, standing figure

Week 3 – Recap Day One and Two / Q&A, Simple Design Concepts

a: Predominance of tone

b: Predominance of color

c: I will paint several studies illustrating these design concepts

Event Details
Event Details