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Welcome to Art Club, a process art studio, where children and families play, explore, and create together! We provide an after-school program, holiday camps, maker space, birthday parties, toddler playgroup, and family art events.

Our mission is to inspire young artists through process-art activities. We have created a safe and supportive environment for children to slow down and enjoy the process of making and exploring, and a space to play.

We are passionate about introducing children to new artists and approaches, and helping them master new skills; from safely using a hammer, sewing, stop-motion animation, to screen-printing and using a printing press.

At Art Club, our dedicated staff nurture your child’s development and empower them to enjoy their time at the studio with confidence. You will never find our teachers adjusting or drawing on a student’s work. We encourage students to explore their own style – not to create identical copies.

We provide high-quality art supplies and materials, and we are passionate about delivering a trusted experience for families. Our classes are predominantly taught in English with Spanish translation, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

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