Sebastián Hidalgo

Mexico, b.1985 Lives and works in Cholula, Mexico.

Hidalgo’s practice has been anchored in a constant exploration that has allowed him to generate a polyvalent body of work while searching for a sensation of expansion and unity through ideas of psychedelia, dream, memory and contemplative states of mind. The dynamic materiality of his work bridges together the philosophies and imaginations of anthropology, Archaic art, sci-fi, mysticism, cartoons, Taoism, and Cyber-Aesthetics

Hidalgo’s work continues to reflect upon his interest in subconscious messaging and the tension between memory and imagination. Creating surfaces and three-dimensional objects where countless narratives can exist, Hidalgo leaves behind a sense of seriousness and presents us with gentle windows of imagination that transport us somewhere else, an unspecific, ambiguous place which exists with a kind of warm openness and multiple possibilities.

Hidalgo studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain and Unarte, Puebla, Mexico. Recent solo exhibitions include Encounters with Neptune (2023) at Fortnight Institute in NYC, Solar Radio (2022), Saenger Gallery, Mexico City; group exhibitions at Fortnight Institute, NY (2022), Harkawik, NY (2022), La Quiñonera, Mexico City (2022), Karen Huber Gallery, Mexico City (2020) and International Baroque Museum, Puebla, Mexico (2020), and more.

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