Adding Buildings, but Keeping It Fresh (Online Workshop) Fall 2024 w/ Emily Passman

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October 9 to October 23 (Wednesdays), 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Eastern Time

**All sessions are live and will be recorded, students do not have to be present. All recordings will be available to students for 3 months after the final session, after 3 months the recording will be deleted.

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Workshop Description

Often painters want to paint landscapes that include structures. The piece can often feel tight, rendered and uninteresting…Here’s a class that takes you through a step-by-step process of the adding correct architectural features while retaining a freshness and immediacy to the work. There is a fine balance one must retain. Get the perspective correct, but add the flair. The course will include a simple perspective lesson, layering techniques, experimentation in brushwork, pushing the color and methods of grabbing the light and shadows without losing a flair. We will discuss what some of the Bay Area painters did in their works that included jazzy rooftops, sunlit streets and shadows that sing!

Workshop Outline

Week 1 –

Slide show of Bay Area painters work including Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer Bischoff focussing on architectureValue Exercise (using provided photo)Perspective ExerciseClass critiqueDiscussion of homework (including preparing a photo for next class).

Week 2 –

Exercise: Right Brained “seeing/drawing” Classwork-Building the painting starting with the warm underpainting, drawing and moving through to layers and build-up of the pigmentClass critique.

Discussion of homework.

Week 3 –

Exercise: Working back into previous layers-creating depth and expressionClasswork: With your own photo, repeat the steps from underpainting to brush strokes that “sit on top” Class critique.

Event Details
Event Details